Thursday, June 4, 2015

Plant Sale Report: Many Kinds of Success!

Our plant sale on May 9 is usually a success, as our community is always looking for organic vegetables and perennials at great prices. This year was no exception. Not only did we make money (this is our only fundraiser, except for club dues) but we extended the reach of organic plants in our area.

However, this year, there is one more success to report, and this one has many facets. We ended the sale with leftover plants, and while we had many customers buy from us after May 9, we were also able to help fulfill our mission and donate (or sell at reduced cost) plants to local organizations, including the St. Mary of Gostyn teen ministry and for an Eagle Scout project.

But our outreach to People's Resource Center in Wheaton is even more exciting. Not only did we give plants to a PRC volunteer to grow vegetables for the center's food pantry, we donated plants to the pantry itself.

This means that many families in need who visited the pantry for food also took home plants to grow their own food.

Thanks to everyone who made the Plant Sale happen, especially committee chair Nancy Carlson. Thanks to everyone who worked that day to set up, check out, or just rearrange plants as shoppers selected their purchases.

And thanks to Mary Ann Badke and Roberta Muehlhaus who "babysat" the leftover plants and helped get them to customers and to organizations. We all worked together to increase the amount of homegrown organic food in the DuPage County area!

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