Thursday, August 13, 2015

August 19 Garden Visits

The August meeting is a garden walk to two of our members' gardens: Quin Filipowicz  and Kathy Olson.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a tour-only event; we will share food and other goodies at our Harvest Fest on September 16. You also might want to bring bug spray.

Quin Filipowicz
5812 Main Street
Quin has raised beds for his vegetable garden and for milkweed and coneflowers. His four rain barrels are connected in series, and he can explain how he uses them. He can also talk about his pondless water fountain that he built this year. While his garlic garden is done for the season, he can talk about how he grows it and offer samples to the first visitors. You’ll also see an Eastern Prickly Pear Cactus that survives our winters.

Look for a house with both American and Blackhawks flags. It is suggested that you park on 59th street, but the driveway is available for people who have a harder time walking or need close access. There are two gates – both will take you to his backyard.

Kathy Olson
5138 Lee Avenue
The Olsen house backs up to St. Joseph’s creek and features a small meadow/prairie in the back. Kathy reports that the house came with a huge infestation of Japanese Knotweed, but that the invasive plant is now under control, and new plantings are taking hold where the Knotweed once ruled. Kathy also has a vegetable garden and she composts, and is happy to see many bees and butterflies.

Please RSVP to Carol Morency at so she can give Quin and Kathy an idea of attendance.

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