Thursday, June 29, 2017

Summer Update: Projects and Events

We've been watching things bloom this summer -- and not just in our backyards!

DGOG took a field trip to The Plant Chicago, a former meatpacking plant that is now an eco-friendly business demonstration project. We learned that The Plant will soon be using an anaerobic digester to break down all types of waste and convert it to energy. The Plant houses a bakery, a brewery, a coffee roaster, and a hydroponic demonstration area, as well as a Farmer's Market.

Hannah's Garden at Puffer School is thriving. It's hard to imagine that Girl Scout Troop 51266 just installed the raised beds last month. A fence, a shed, and an irrigation system using two rain barrels is also in place.

Join us for a members only garden walk at the home of Pat McGrath, 6000 Chase Avenue, from 5-7 PM on Wednesday, August 9.

Watch for information about our Harvest Festival at our September meeting.

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