Sunday, February 15, 2009

Inspiration, Just When We Needed it Most

Out from behind the weather, the economy, and other shadows cast upon our recent days came Vicki Nowicki at our February 11 meeting. Vicki was not just showing us decades of expertise on starting seeds. No, Vicki wants a revolution! Now!

Do not wait, she insisted. The time to start to grow our own food and begin the escape from corporate-dominated frankenveggies is now!

Of course, many of us do grow our own food, on some scale. But we can all do more. Or, we can encourage others to join us. It was so wonderful to see such a crowded room last Wednesday. Think of the potential for change just here in the Downers Grove area.

Thanks Vicki, for your passion and your knowledge.

Development Doings

For those of you who live or work in Downers Grove, the village is embarking on its Total Community Development Process. This is a long-range planning exercise that the village revisits every few years. TCD 3 has a website, where you can fill out a questionnaire and sign up for updates.

A community discussion is planned for 7 p.m. March 4 at Downers Grove South High School. Space is limited, so register by calling (630) 434-5527.

So what does community development have to do with gardening? Well, a lot! Do you want to ensure the village is committed to preserving green space? Do you want to suggest a natural alternative to stormwater managament issues? Do you want to see a town that's more friendly to bikers and walkers? This is your chance!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Meeting Minutes

Our meeting minutes are now available on this blog. Scroll down to the left to read them.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

February Meeting

Erin Tuttle writes: "I have been doggedly determined to enjoy this winter, despite the bitter temperatures. After all, it's a beautiful season, and a time for us to rest...right? Nevertheless, I have started to feel that familiar itch for all things green and growing, and have been dreaming about a garden that is lush and buzzing with life.

February's DGOG meeting could be the perfect antidote for this spring fever. Next Wednesday, February 11th, we will have Vicky Nowicki speak to us on Starting Seeds Indoors. Vicky spoke to us last year at this time, and her talk was so engaging and educational that we decided to have her back to review the particulars of such an important topic.

As usual, we will meet at the Downers Grove Public Library, 1050 Curtiss Street, starting our open business meeting at 6:30, followed by Vicky's talk at 7:00pm. We will wrap up by 8:30 pm."